About  GSOTweetup

@GSOtweetup was created to help tweeps who live and work in Greensboro, North Carolina meet the people they tweet with fun, informative and informal events.

Know a local business that would be a great place to have a tweetup? How about a person that would be the perfect host that you want to know more about?

Give us a shout @gsotweetup or send us a DM!

You to pick a local restaurant/bar/coffee shop/park/business – we will work with you to schedule the event, invite lots of cool tweeps and write a feature post about you and your business!

We are always open to suggestions for venues and fun ways to take our events from ::yawn:: to twitterlicious, so keep ‘em coming.

Oh, and in case you are wondering why it’s taken SO damn long to get this up an going since launching in 2009 . . . well, we’ve been busy dammit.

So what are you waiting for?! Help Greensboro meet who they tweet!


danielle hatfield, founder of GSOtweetup

Meet our Community Manager

Danielle Hatfield is the chick who is responsible for hatching @gsotweetup with the hopes of organizing fun informal tweetups in and around Greensboro.

She is also Chief Dirt Digger at Experience Farm, Bloggy Conference Speaker ’12, busy growing @linkingtriad and part of the super awesome @withit social media team (Linkedin).

When she is not tweeting about coffee drinking and bacon consumption, her passion is Web Development, Brand Strategy, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media, Recycled Furniture Design, Vintage Style, Travel, Art, Social Networking Events, . . . oh, and she has ideas. big ones.


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