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Joe Scott is @MixedTapeFilm - Local film programmer and budding entrepreneur. Fighting and writing to improve Greensboro, NC.

Last night my husband and I had the best time at Carolina Theatre (aka  @CTofgso) watching E.T. in 35mm thanks to @MixedTapeFilm.

If you haven’t heard of Joe Scott, he is a Freelance Contributor for the News & Record, CEO & Co-Founder at Mixed Tape Productions and you may remember his magic touch on successful screenings and special offers when he was Promotions Coordinator for The Carousel Luxury Cinemas.

One of the cool things we learned last night? That Mixed Tape Film is taking the big screen on the road. That’s right, FREE outdoor screenings with an inflatable movie screen! Mixed Tape Roadshows promises to bring Godzilla, Kung-Fu and Car Chases that you won’t find anywhere else.

Mixed Tape Film also recently teamed up with WUAG to bring 3 rare 35mm films to Greensboro, July 21st at Carolina Theatre. This is a treat for film buffs because, as Joe explained last night, one of these movies will not be seen in N.C. again. Be sure to find out all the details on this cult classic event.

Oh, and if you loved seeing E.T. last night, then you will not want to miss the next installment in the Mixed Tape Film Series’ SUMMER OF SPIELBERG  . . .  Save the date and watch “Jurassic Park” in 35mm on June 23rd at 7:30pm.

So next time you see Joe, be sure to shake the man’s hand and thank him for making going out to watch movies in #GSO fun again . . . or better yet, give him a shout out on twitter and tag your tweet with #MixedTape .


What movie have you watched on the big screen thanks to @MixedTapeFilm?

What movies would you like to see?



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